Electrolux Vacuums



The Electrolux vacuum brand began in Sweden, and did not come to the United States until 1924.  It brought with it ideas that were new in Sweden but were not new in America, such as door-to-door sales and pay-over-time plans.  There were other vacuum cleaner companies in the United States at the time that were already doing these things, but the Electrolux vacuum company still prospered very quickly, while continuing operations in Sweden and also moving into Berlin.  While how the vacuums got to this country is very straightforward, what has taken place since then is more complicated.  The company that manufactured Electrolux vacuum cleaners is now known as Aerus LLC, and has been known by that name since 2001.  The Electrolux name is still used in the United States, but it now belongs to the Electrolux Group of Sweden, a company that also manufactures the Eureka brand.  In between the company coming to the United States and the change of name in 2001 there were other company changes and name changes, such as the company being bought by the Sara Lee Corporation in 1968, back when it was still called The Consolidated Foods Corporation.

As for the products, though, they have remained high quality and realistically priced throughout the time that they have been in this country, and they are still there today.  In the 1960s, Electrolux marketed their products to the United Kingdom under the slogan “nothing sucks like an Electrolux.”  Many people in America believed that this was a huge marketing blunder, but the negative connotation of that word is generally only in America, and Electrolux was well-aware of the possibility of a double-entendre in the UK.  The slogan was deliberate and designed to get attention, and it succeeded in trying to do that.  The Electrolux vacuum brand sold very well in the UK for some time and is still sold over there.  Now that the Swedish Electrolux company has its trademark back from the United States, it sells its products in that country and in Canada as well, along with a long list of other products under various brand names. 


Most people were not aware of the ‘change in ownership’ that took place when the American Electrolux company gave up the trademark and the Swedish Electrolux took over.  There was no interruption in the sales of Electrolux products and no confusion.  Electrolux products are still sold door-to-door as well, and one cannot simply walk into a standard retail store and purchase an Electrolux vacuum cleaner or parts or accessories for one.  In addition, the Electrolux brand is more expensive than many other brands on the market, as well as somewhat more cumbersome.  Despite this, however, it has a loyal consumer following in every country that it markets to and has a strong reputation for quality, reliability, and durability.  All of these are good selling points that not all vacuum manufacturers have been able to boast.  Electrolux vacuums are not the ‘disposable’ vacuums that consumers often buy at retail stores and are simply thrown away when they stop working, only to be replaced with another cheap vacuum cleaner.  Electrolux vacuums are built to last and they are right up there with competitors like Oreck Vacuums.  Quality often costs more, but this has not been a problem for the consumers that have purchased Electrolux vacuum cleaners.