Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners-Selling By Appointment!


The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is a product of Rexair LLC, based out of Troy Michigan, which was founded in 1929by Leslie H. Green.  Green marketed a bagless vacuum which was originally designed by John W. Newcombe.  It wasn’t until 1936 that the company introduced a vacuum cleaner that used a water filtration system, and that became a serious focus for marketing.  The Rainbow vacuum brand was born from that water filtration vacuum cleaner, but was not introduced by the company until 1955.  The company was sold in 1959 and restructured.  Instead of remaining one large company with many employees, it was recreated as  a group of Rainbow vacuum distributors that were independently owned.  The chance to own a franchise was called “The Rainbow Opportunity” and it is still in existence today.  The company’s Web site, for example, has a section where individuals interested in selling Rainbow vacuum cleaners can inquire about the opportunity.

Many people think that these types of Rainbow vacuum cleaners are sold through unsolicited door-to-door sales, but they are actually sold through in-home demonstrations by appointment only.  The Rainbow brand is expensive, however, with the most popular model, the E2, selling between $1800 and $2300.  That is a big jump up from the vacuums like the Oreck Vacuum which are considered on the high side for retail stores.  The price difference comes from the attachments that are purchased, incentives that are offered, and the haggling ability of the customer, as the distributor is able to adjust the price somewhat.


The E2 model is undoubtedly the most popular product that Rainbow vacuums has right now.  There are many different attachments that are available for the E2 model vacuum and all of them are designed to make life easier for those that purchase this particular vacuum.  From attachments that allow a person to clean their furniture to long attachments for getting underneath furniture that is difficult to move, the Rainbow E2 model vacuum has much to offer to consumers. 

Despite all of the options and attachments, however, consumers that have purchased the Rainbow vacuum cleaner have mixed opinions regarding the brand.  Many people discuss the quality of the vacuum, but others argue that the cost of the vacuum was not worth the job that it actually does, and that the same job could be performed with a much less expensive vacuum cleaner.  This is often the same argument that you'll hear about the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner company.  Out of individuals that have seen the vacuum demonstrated and/or purchased it, the price appeared to be the largest factor when it came to the ‘cons’ list.  Added to the cons list was the fact that the water that is used for the water filtration system must be changed and the pan cleaned after each use.  While the Rainbow vacuum cleans very well the price and the water-changing requirement seem to be off-putting to many people.  For those that are not bothered by these things, however, the Rainbow vacuum would be a good choice for its cleaning power and versatility.